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Don't waste time juggling multiple platforms,
streamline your shipments

Compare, Select, and Ship Globally with No Fees - Experience Parcel International Today!


Parcel International offers quick and cost-effective shipping services for express, sea, air, and road freight.

Cost Efficiency

Save money with our competitive rates and no minimum order requirements.

24/7 Support

Get round-the-clock customer support whenever you need assistance.

Global Reach

Send shipments globally using a single, integrated system.


Parcel International

Parcel International has been providing reliable and cost-effective shipping options to over 220 countries and territories since 2007. Our team is committed to working efficiently while keeping the lines of communication with our clients clear and concise. Our mission is simple: to provide high-quality services in a timely manner that caters to each project's specific needs. For more information or general inquiries, feel free to get in touch today.

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  • Is the platform easy to use for someone not tech-savvy?
    Absolutely, our user-friendly interface ensures a seamless experience for all, regardless of tech proficiency.
  • Are the rates really competitive compared to direct carrier booking?
    Definitely, we negotiate exclusive deals, passing on the savings to you, ensuring you get the best rates available.
  • How reliable are the carriers you partner with?
    We partner only with reputable and reliable carriers, guaranteeing safe and timely delivery of your parcels worldwide.
  • Will I get the same customer service as booking directly with the carrier?
    Yes, our dedicated 24/7 customer support provides personalized assistance, exceeding the service level of direct carrier bookings.
  • Is there a catch to the no minimum order policy?
    No catch at all - we value flexibility and want to accommodate both small and large shipping needs without restrictions.
  • Is it true that I don't need an account or subscription to use your services?
    Yes, enjoy our platform's benefits without the hassle of subscriptions or accounts, simplifying your shipping experience.
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